Trade Street Capital is a private equity group that invests in small-to-mid size, entrepreneurial
companies. Trade Street's geographic focus is the Southeast United States, but we specifically
target companies within a few hours of the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina.

Typically our investments are in the form of preferred equity, but Trade Street also provides
“Capital PLUS”. This means we seek companies not only in need of financial capital, but
companies who may also benefit from our broad-based experience in growing and
professionalizing small businesses. Trade Street's investments are used primarily for growth,
recapitalization, ownership transitions, buy-outs, and acquisitions.

At Trade Street Capital, we are not interested in participating in the day-to-day operations
of businesses. Instead, we focus on broader picture areas such as strategic planning,
financial management and process improvement that are so critical to the success
of businesses.

We have experience in growing small, entrepreneurial businesses into larger, streamlined
professional operations. That's why we look for investment opportunities where Capital
PLUS management expertise can assist our partner companies in realizing their full potential.

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