Trade Street has specific experience in the following areas:

• General and operations management (private and public ownership)
• Business development, sales and marketing leadership
• Detailed financial management, emphasizing revenue growth and margin improvement
• Accounting and operations systems and processes
• Financial modeling, projections and analysis
• Start-up, turnaround and change management
• Operating and organizational systems and structures
• Incentive compensation and benchmarking systems
• Merger, acquisition and integration execution
• Corporate culture and employee development leadership
• Employee empowerment programs
• Corporate vision and mission/principles programs
• Annual planning and budgeting, and strategic planning
• Team building
• Multi unit development experience
• Franchise development

Through our experience working with many small-to-medium companies, we know how to identify,
target and fix areas of weakness that prevent small businesses from realizing their full potential.
From our knowledge growing small businesses into more successful large businesses, Trade
Street's combination of Capital PLUS experience provide the right partner company with the tools
to make it to the next level.

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