At Trade Street, we are looking for opportunities where our strengths very specifically meet the needs of our partner companies. Our goal is to assist "second stage" businesses that may not find the right fit in the conventional private equity arena. Second stage businesses often fall in that gap between early stage start-ups, for which resources and capital are often available, and larger corporations, which can create or purchase resources as needed. For Trade Street, potential "second stage" partners are:

  • The $2-20 MM revenue firm that may find difficulty attracting traditional private equity
    - The company that is beyond the start-up stage, but that is not large enough to fit the risk profiles of traditional private equity funds.
  • The small business in need of $500,000 to $2,000,000 of equity capital (which can be leveraged with debt as appropriate) (enterprise values from $0-$15MM)
    - The gap between bank financing and the typical $3-5+ MM equity investment from the smaller private equity funds.
  • The company with some management team and/or business process areas for improvement.
  • Companies that do not necessarily have to be sold again in 3-5 years.
    - Many private equity funds need to sell the business as quickly as possible to deliver returns to their investors. Trade Street Capital is not driven by an exit event, and we're partnering with management for the long term if it's in the best interest of the business and shareholders.
  • Companies that require management backing in order to obtain senior subordinated debt financing.
    - Trade Street Capital can act as a liaison between the debt companies and the management team, offering ongoing operational support to the management team, and providing various ongoing resources to further the goals of the debt and equity holders.

Trade Street Capital provides capital but in the broadest sense possible. We look at opportunities where our capital PLUS our business insights are the right combination to make a good business great.

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